Huub Janssen from Janssen Precision Engineering is the new figurehead of the Design Principles for Precision Engineering training course. His ambition is to spread know-how in the vein of Wim van der Hoek.

A longstanding wish of Huub Janssen of Janssen Precision Engineering has now been fulfilled: he can now share his knowledge in the same way that his mentor Wim van der Hoek did. Read the entire interview: ‘Not just lecturers, but also lots of interaction‘.

Last June, the debut of Design Principles for Precision Engineering was a success, with an average score of 8.4. Besides Huub Janssen, trainers include Dannis Brouwer  University of Twente), Piet van Rens (Settels Savenije), Kees Verbaan (NTS) and Chris Werner and Roger Hamelinck (Entechna Engineering).