On 17 May we are present at the Dutch Machine Vision Conference 2018.

Learn about the latest trends in machine vision, such as deep learning, embedded vision, pattern recognition, low-cost vision and 3D vision. And get inspired by high-end vision applications in production and agro.

This completely new conference focusses on trends in machine vision technology and offers a strong programme of presentations on various subjects. The target audience consists of developers of vision systems, product managers of machines that rely on vision technology, technical management involved in vision system projects, engineers from various areas that have to work closely together with machine vision experts, decision makers in high tech, suppliers of high tech vision modules of vision software and services.

Off course we would be happy to answer your questions regarding our courses, especially ‘Machine vision in mechatronics systems’ and ‘Practical machine learning’.

As a sponsor of this conference, we can provide a discount code. By using this code, the entrance ticket will only cost you € 200,- instead of € 275 or € 350 excl. VAT. Please ask for this code per e-mail: training@hightechinstitute.nl

Mark your calendar and join us at the Dutch Machine Vision Conference 2018.