Developing mechatronic systems that should operate in vacuum / cryogenic environments require specific knowledge and insights. The DSPE Knowledge Session “Design in Vacuum” will highlight this. Several speakers will give their views on precision engineering regarding systems to operate in vacuum.

This DSPE Knowledge Session is especially interesting for precision engineering architects and engineers.


• Introduction vacuum and vacuum engineering – Sven Pekelder / Gerrit van der Straaten, Settels Savenije
• Design of mechatronic system to operate in vacuum: a case – Maurice Teuwen, Janssen Precision Engineering
• Pragmatic views on developing systems to operate in vacuum – Tijs Teepen, Vernooy Vacuum Engineering

Date: 29 June 2017
Time: 13.00 uur – 17.30 uur

Location: Settels Savenije, Achtseweg Zuid 211, 5651 GW Eindhoven.

Maximum of guests: 25

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