On 24 – 28 September 2018 our popular course ‘System architect(ing)’ will take place in Delft, the Netherlands.

We have noticed that several companies in the province South Holland are interested to let there employees attend our ‘System architect(ing)’.
Travelling to Eindhoven is a time-consuming activity.

Therefore, we decided to organise a course for open enrollment in Delft, a city between The Hague and Rotterdam.

The 5-day course gives an overview of the play field of the system architect. It provides insight in the broad variety of viewpoints the architect needs to take care of. The course contains many short exercises, worked out in small groups, that help to experience the broadness of the field. The addressed subjects help to understand the influence of the organisation structure, the importance of focusing not only on technical aspects but also on business, process and human aspects and how to cover multidisciplinary aspects.

Sign up for the course here.