Want to know more about machine learning and deep learning?
Our new 5-day course ‘Practical machine learning’ is intended for engineers from R&D, practitioners and teachers interested in machine learning and deep learning. The course is suitable both for those who are new to machine learning and who are already familiar. The first group can concentrate on the basic concepts and learn to apply these in projects. The last group can improve their skills to design accurate and robust systems.

Our first edition will take place in Eindhoven, on 14 – 18 May 2018

After attending this course, the participant:

  • has a solid and state-of-the-art knowledge on machine learning and its applications;
  • knows how to make a good labeled set;
  • knows how to train and assess a classifier;
  • knows to develop an efficient classifier;
  • knows how to extract a useful data set from a raw data set,
  • knows how to use the perClass software;
  • knows the basics of deep learning and when to use it;
  • knows how to build a robust Machine Learning system suitable to solve real-world industrial projects on a step-by-step approach;
  • knows how to avoid common pitfalls;

Are you interested? Read the entire course decription here.