Settels Savenije transfers all of its shares in High Tech Institute to Techwatch. The publisher of magazines Bits&Chips and Mechatronica&Machinebouw now becomes the full owner of the training institute.

Settels and Techwatch interacted with each other as equal shareholders of High Tech Institute for five years. Settels has now decided to focus on its technical activities.

‘Our organisation is currently growing strongly’ says John Settels, director of Settels Savenije, about transferring his shares in High Tech Institute. ‘Together with my management team I have decided to focus on our engineering firm and the expansion of production in new cleanrooms at Strijp-T.’ Settels remains involved with High Tech Institute as a supplier of courses and lecturers in the field of design principles, vacuum technology, leadership, communication and social skills.

‘All content partners are enthusiastic about the new structure’, says René Raaijmakers, director of High Tech Institute. ‘The training institute fits with the mission of Techwatch as supplier of independent information and knowledge.’