Work experience:
Total 34 years relevant experience. 11 Years Philips CFT (Engineering, Mechatronics), 12 years Assembléon, 3 years TMC/TNO, 4 years SoLayTec, 3 years Liteq + Cerescon, 1yr Cerescon. Now full time Cerescon (Agro-high-tech crossover startup).

Mechanical design engineer, project leader, manager development, senior system architect, technology manager, entrepreneur. Also teacher…
Current function: Entrepreneur/CTO/Architect at Cerescon

Motivation to lecture:
Full time dedication to system architecture started for me in 1999. In that period, I attended the SysArch course as it was given by Gerrit Muller. I developed views on the art of system architecting while I was practicing it and I really enjoy sharing the lessons I learned.

Specific way of teaching:
Learning by doing is the only way to develop skills in system architecture. This can be greatly enhanced by reflection, guided by the wealth of written course material developed over the last decades. This is applied in a highly interactive teaching style, expecting an active role of all participants.

In TNO period I was co-author of a scientific publication in “Advanced Materials” on our breakthrough Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology.  SoLayTec’ products are based on this technology and they received several prices for best new technology in solar production. The related motion control technology received a price for “best poster presentation” in the first DSPE conference in 2012.

(Co)-inventor of > 40 patents.  “Best teacher High Tech Institute” in 2014.

Award for “best presentation” in the 3rd DSPE conference in 2016 for Cerescon startup story titled “High Volume Asparagus Harvesting Machine”.

With Cerescon winner of 3 (!) startup pitch contests in 2017 1) and rank 16 in top 100 most innovative Small and Medium sized Enterprises of the Netherlands 2018