Work experience

Over 30 years, in the industry: Philips, Océ, Vanderlande, DAF trucks, Eurocontrol, Punch Powertrain, ASML) and in ground, road & water building section Prorail en Rijkswaterstaat.


Software developer, process improvement, quality assurance manager, project leader, product creation process manager, requirements engineer and system engineer.

Motivation to lecture

Requirements Engineering is crucial for product development organizations, but is difficult to implement. Our method teaches participants how to structure and organize their data throughout the whole product life cycle, without losing information during the transformations of requirements into design and to derived requirements.

Specific way of teaching

Backed by a solid theoretical background, many practical examples are discussed entered by the participants based on their daily practice.

System requirements defined by cascades of creativity
Requirements tooling suppliers aren't up to date and that's frustrating