Kris van Rens C++

Ever since the first time Kris got in touch with his dad’s 1983 ZX Spectrum, he was captivated by the wonderful world of computer programming. In 1995, he learned to program ‘Pacman’ in x86 real-time assembly, which was soon followed by learning C, then C++ and Rust, which came to be his bread and butter. He is very serious about code quality and is mostly interested in C++, Rust, Linux, programming languages/paradigms, software architecture and performance optimization. He currently works as the lead developer at ViNotion in Eindhoven (NL). If he is not working, coding for fun or doing dad-/husband-related things, he is probably playing the guitar or running out in the woods. Kris studied mechatronics at FH Niederrhein, Krefeld (DE), and electrical engineering at the TU/e in Eindhoven (NL).

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