In June 2019, another edition of ‘Experimental techniques in mechatronics’ took place in Eindhoven. Participants from all over the world registered and since the group size of this hands-on training is limited to 8 participants, it was sold out. The level of recommendation was amazing: a tremendous score of 9.4 out of 10. The group was quite diverse: participants came from U.S.A., Brazil, Turkey, Germany and the Netherlands. This resulted in vivid discussions which contributed to the training.

To the question ‘How likely is it that you recommend this training to others?’, participants responded with an average score 9.4 out of 10. Some of their comments were: “Very happy I joined, I should have done so a year ago! Nice small groups and impressive professional guidance.” “Great set-up, very professional with the small group. Very experienced teachers.” “Well prepared. Impressive teaching material.”

The training is intended for people who use dynamic frequency domain techniques to evaluate the behavior of precision mechatronic devices. Through this course, participants will become able to select the correct measurement method and instrumentation, perform reliable and accurate measurements of the dynamic behavior of precision mechatronic devices, as well as to assess and present the results in a meaningful way.

Since the training sold out early, we decided to plan an extra edition for December 2019, which is now open for registration.