Interest in high quality practical design knowledge for ultra-clean systems remains very strong, according to High Tech Institute and Mechatronics Academy. This conclusion comes as the number of participants has continued to increase for the training session: ‘Basics & design principles for ultra-clean vacuum’.

Last April the training partners organized a brand-new, tailor-made, in-company version of their ultra-clean vacuum course for an onboarding program of a large OEM in the South of The Netherlands. This exclusive edition is the first of a series and it received excellent reviews.

Adrian Rankers of Mechatronics Academy was enthusiastic about the excellent scores the training received. “The group of 12 participants remarked that the training is unique and useful for designers working within the vacuum environment. They also commented that there is a good balance between theory and practice”, said Rankers.

Trainers Mark Meuwese, Sven Pekelder (both Settels Savenije group of companies) together with Dick van Langeveld, Theo Mulder and David Schijve (all members of Nevac) have put great effort in the quality and effectiveness of his courses. Their contributions and practical experience are the real value of the training. These top experts have an extensive track record in the high-tech industry.

‘Designing modules for use in ultra-clean vacuum is a challenging task’, says Rankers. ‘Our training is a valuable source for getting up to speed in that field. Our trainers are working full time in the industry, and I am very happy that they want to share and transfer their valuable knowledge with such great enthusiasm.’

Topics of discussion in the ultra-clean vacuum training are vacuum fundamentals, flow of gases, total and partial pressure, pumps, leak testing, engineering aspects, mechatronics in vacuum, design for qualification and system design and budgeting.

The regular open enrollment edition of the ultra-clean vacuum training is also very popular. The next edition, scheduled for June 2019, is already fully booked. As a result, High Tech Institute has planned an extra open enrollment edition starting on 4 November, 2019.