Immediately become more innovative and enjoy your work more.

The high tech industry is exciting and dynamic. But if you get the feeling that you are always one step behind the facts, that your work is never finished and you still take your stress from work home, then it’s high time to change the way you work. Frank Rood, as an experienced system architect and technical manager, knows exactly which obstacles you can come up against and how to overcome them. He also draws richly from his own experience. ‘I have learned how to deal with every single pitfall that exist.’

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Frank (1968) is a trainer, coach and change manager with an impressive 23 years of experience in product development in the high-tech mechatronic industry.
Frank started his career as developer of mechatronic systems giving him good understanding of the challenges and dynamics of product development. Striving for faster progress, more results and improved effectiveness he took the lead as project manager, manager and director R&D. Always challenging himself and his teams, leading and managing projects to push for fast results with care for people and long term consequences.

Frank Rood is trainer of the Time management for innovation course, which takes place 3 – 4 times a year.