Are you working with highly educated technology professionals? The brain of technology professionals varies slightly from the average brain, which can result in communication differences. This is particularly obvious when a lack of communication or inefficient communication leads to all sorts of misunderstandings and frustrations. These consequences are similar to what we see in the extreme systemising brain that we also known as the autistic brain.

The following examples might sound familiar:

  • My instructions are clear and still the person is not doing what I asked him/her to do. Or (s)he simply does what (s)he wants to do, which is completely different from what I asked him/her to do.
  • When I ask a question I do not get an answer. Or an answer that is in no way an answer to my question.
  • The person does not react to my communication.
  • The person says he/she understands what I am saying but simply doesn’t do anything with what I am saying.
  • The person does not spontaneously communicate things that are important to say, such as reporting a problem.
  • The person finds it hard to communicate the core issue and gets lost in irrelevant details.

This week is ‘World Autism Awareness Week’ and therefore we would like to draw your attention to our 1-day training course: Benefit from autism in your R&D team > Read more here.

We can actually learn from autism!