Electronics for non-electronic engineers - basics digital electronics

Expected in 2018

Location:Nijmegen or Eindhoven
Price:€ 2.375,00 excl. VAT
Duration:13 sessions (evenings)
Contact:training@hightechinstitute.nl, +31 85 401 3600


A comprehensive course for non-electronic engineers to gain insight, practical knowledge and skills in digital electronics, essential to work in projects together with electronic engineers.

13 evening lessons of 3 (17 - 20) or 4 hours (17 - 21 in case of a hands on session) and 1 test.


After completion of this course the participant has gained:

  • Basic knowledge of digital electronics to ease the communication with electronic engineers;
  • Simple usage of a digital simulator.

Intended for

The course is intended for engineers (of technical college / university level) working in research, development and/or engineering.

Prior knowledge: The knowledge on electricity as discussed in module 1 of the course "Electronics for Non-electronic Engineers - Basics Electricity and Analog Electronics (ENE-BEAE)" is required to attend this course.


Module 3: Basics digital electronics (13 lessons, 1 test)

Introduction to digital electronics, boolean operators and logic, Karnaugh maps, number systems, memory, counters, standard logic families, state machine, specifications and interfaces, introduction of and design with a microprocessor, PSOC, introduction programmable logic FPGA/CPLD, introduction VHDL/Verilog and digital design, AD and DA converters, EMC and signal integrity, simple communication busses. Hands-on digital logic simulation including VHDL/Verilog. Trouble shooting, DFT.


Study load: 5 hours a course week.


Methods: lectures, demonstrations, exercises, assignments, hands-on, tests. Course material: book, handouts. Award: diploma or certificate, dependent on the results of one test.




This course is certified by the European society for precision engineering & nanotechnology (euspen) and the Dutch Society for Precision Engineering (DSPE) and leads to the ECP2-certificate, depending on the results of the tests.


Expected in 2018

Electronics for non-electronic engineers - basics digital electronics

Nijmegen or Eindhoven
Tel. +31 85 401 3600
E-mail: training@hightechinstitute.nl

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