Consultative selling for technology professionals


Price:€ 1.500,00 excl. VAT
Duration:2 consecutive days + 1 evening, +31 85 401 3600


"Sales" might not be your cup of tea but creating new work, helping the client and your organisation is beneficial for all parties involved. This course teaches you how to recognise, explore and create business opportunities without feeling "commercial". 

As a technology professional you work closely together with clients. This means you are in a position of encountering many opportunities which could lead to business. In this course you will learn how to capitalise on this. We also cover how to handle negative business issues (delays in projects, cost overshoot and technological problems) and make it an opportunity for improvement of the project or client relation.


Practical tools are given which will enable you to become more commercially effective by helping the client and being yourself. 

Intended for

This training focuses on technology professionals who want to increase their commercial impact. This course is developed for architects, technical experts, (lead) engineers/designers, project leaders or team leaders working in a technical and innovation project environment. 


In this training you will learn the following tools:

- Recognising high-potential business opportunities;

- Understanding the client's needs;

- Creating a supportive network;

- Engage in commercial conversations;

- Turn business issues into a positive outcome, both for you and your client.

Designed for technology professionals
This training package is designed for technology professionals working in the environment of complex system development. It is highly practical and theoretically sound, because we work with your personal cases. You can apply what you have learnt the next day. 

Personal action plan
Part of the training plan is a personal action plan that helps you to apply what you have learnt.

Feedback from colleagues
Prior to the training you will carry out a mini 360-degrees enquiry asking colleagues what it is they perceive as your strong and weak points in your communication skills. In the training we use this enquiry as a basis from which to start learning.


Day 1   9:30 -  21:00 including lunch, dinner and guest speaker
Day 2   9:00 -  17:00 including lunch


Action learning, lectures, exercises, discussions, role playing. Evening session with a guest speaker (day 1).


Settels Savenije & Friedrich


A HTI/SS&F certificate after completing homework and final assignment.


29-05-2017 09:00
30-05-2017 09:00

Consultative selling for technology professionals

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