An electronic engineer engaged with the design of a system delivers an assembly of electronic components (including for example a printed circuit board). The mechatronic / mechanical engineer converts this assembly into a physical design.

The electronic engineer should have sufficient EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) knowledge to be able to prevent and/or resolve EMC problems. His EMC analysis results in EMC requirements that have to be fulfilled by the mechatronic / mechanical engineer. Therefore the mechatronic / mechanical engineer needs to know what kind of EMC problems can occur. He should be able to communicate with the electronic engineer to understand the EMC requirements and how he can take care that the mechatronic design obeys the EMC requirements.

This training is available for in-company sessions that can be adapted to your situation and special needs.


After the course, the participant:

  • will have basic knowledge of EMC and EMC problems;
  • will understand the EMC requirements to be fulfilled by the mechatronic construction;
  • will be able to communicate with an electronic engineer on these EMC requirements;
  • will know state-of-the-art EMC mechatronic design techniques to let electronic products pass the EMC compliance test first time, thereby eliminating costly last-minute changes, and too late market introductions.

Intended for

This course is intended for mechatronic / mechanical designers, architects, project leaders and quality engineers. Educational level: Bachelor/Master of Science in mechanics / mechatronics / electronics /physics. 

Start date In-company only
Duration 1 day
Price per participant On request
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  • What is EMC?
  • Legal EMC requirements
  • Design for EMC approach

EMC at cable level

  • Basic principles
  • Cable characteristics
  • Cable mounting
  • Cable routing
  • Cable classification
  • Connector characteristics 

EMC at enclosure level

  • Shielding overview
  • Shielding material
  • Slots, seams and holes
  • Shielding at PCB level
  • Mechanical architecture
  • Filter and connector mounting
  • Grounding

Demonstration EMC aspects (with demo box)


Lectures supported by practical demonstrations and quizes. Course notes.


Participants receive a High Tech Institute course certificaten for attending this training.

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Remarks from participants

'This training will help both in designing and evaluating EMC enclosures.'

Neal Meijers - PCV Group