Aligning with many different stakeholders can be a big challenge. Getting everybody on board especially when there are conflicting (and non-technical) stakes often is a struggle. You want to create the right discussion and drive it towards a way-forward that is supported by all and is the best for the company and the client. To approach this in a straightforward and logical manner you need tools. These you will learn in this one-day intensive course. One cannot learn this from a book, it needs practical practice. And that is what we will do during the course. As a result, you will know how to deal with it.


After having attended this training, you are able to:

  • engage with the right stakeholders;
  • transform resistance into buy-inn;
  • deal with conflicting stakes;
  • drive for decisions.

Intended for

This course is intended for any (technical) leader who needs to involve and work together with different stakeholders, often with conflicting stakes.

Location (1)
Start date (1)
Duration 1 day
Frequency Twice per year
Price per participant € 740 excl. VAT. *
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Day 1, 9 AM - 5 PM

  • What is stakeholder management?;
  • Analyzing the stakeholder field;
  • Engaging stakeholders with your story (the PGP-approach);
  • Transforming resistance into buy-inn;
  • Dealing with conflicting stakes;
  • Driving for decisions.


Getting stakeholders with conflicting stakes on board, needs practice. During the course you will experience how to apply the tools we will present you. With this personal experience you have the ability and motivation to apply the tools very next day in your own workplace.

We work with the evidence-based didactic model of De Galan. This ensures a pleasant and highly learn full experience in the course and guarantees the optimal learning result.


Participants will receive a High Tech Institute course certificate for attending this training. 

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