Technical Training for Professionals

In-company only


A new one-day seminar about the new symbolic circuit simulator SLiCAP-MATLAB: Setting up and solving design equations for analog circuits.


After having attended the course, the participant:

  • will know the setup of the new symbolic circuit simulator: SLiCAP-MATLAB;
  • will able to use the new symbolic circuit simulator: SLiCAP-MATLAB; 
  • will know how to automate the engineering of analog circuits.

Intended for

Engineers and teachers interested in analog electronic design and circuit engineering.

Education: At least BSc in physics or electrical engineering. Basic knowledge of MATLAB is required.


Course schedule In-company only
Duration 1 day
Course leader Hans Vink MSc
(Average score of last 3 editions)
Price € 500 *
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This one day seminar consists of two parts: a seminar part in the morning and a workshop part in the afternoon.

Seminar session
During the seminar the operation of the MATLAB version of SLiCAP will be explained and demonstrated. The following topics will be addressed:

  • Theory of operation of SLiCAP;
  • Built-in models;
  • Analysis types;
  • Way of working;
  • Using the results in MATLAB;
  • Generating HTML reports.

Workshop session
Execution of one or more SLiCAP exercises:

  • Noise design;
  • Biasing design;
  • Filter design;
  • Amplifier bandwidth design;
  • Pole-zero analysis;
  • Root-locus plots, Bode plots and time-domain plots;
  • Generation of HTML reports.

Lectures, practical training.


Participants receive a High Tech Institute course certificate for attending this training.

* Prices are subject to change. Price correction will be applied at the end of the year.