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The trend toward digitalization disrupts teams, companies and even society as a whole. As a leader in the software-intensive systems industry, what can you do to be prepared for this? There are three main topics that you need to be world-class at: speed, data and ecosystems. In this course, we provide you with a holistic framework that offers strategic guidance into how you successfully can identify and address the key challenges to excel in a software-driven world.

This course is also available in-company upon request.


After successful completion of the course, the participant will be able to apply the key methods and techniques required for successful digital transformation of a company, including continuous integration and deployment, data-driven development and strategic business ecosystem engagement. 

The concepts covered in the course allow for a doubling of the effectiveness of your R&D efforts!

Intended for

Senior leaders involved in software R&D or frequently interfacing with software R&D.

Course schedule
09:00 - 17:00
09:00 - 17:00
Location Eindhoven
Duration 2 consecutive days
Trainers Prof. Jan Bosch
Price € 2,030 excl. VAT. *
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The program is organized around academic research followed by extensive hands-on work on fictive cases or the participant’s own company. All theory and material is extensively illustrated with industrial cases and real-world experience.

Day 1 AM: 
Trends, Digitalization and Techniques. We discuss trends in the software intensive industry as well as digitalization and present a set of techniques to act on these. Also, the case used throughout the course is introduced.

Day 1 PM: 
Speed Dimension. We present and work with techniques to get software out to market faster and to shorten feedback loops between R&D and customers. We cover and work with topics such as continuous integration & deployment, architecture management and organizing for speed.

Day 2 AM: 
Data Dimension. We discuss how to make effective use of all the available data and focus on strategies for collecting and using the data you need for increasing the effectiveness of R&D. We work with data-driven and evidence-based development, the HYPEX model, value modeling and combining qualitative and quantitative data.

Day 2 PM: 
Ecosystem Dimension. No company is an island and strategic engagement with and use of the available ecosystems is of critical importance to long term success. In this session, we work with the Three Layer Product Model, strategies for ecosystem engagement, hypothesis testing for value exchange between ecosystem partners as well as understanding evolving structures in industry.


Participants will receive a copy of Speed, Data and Ecosystems. In this book Jan Bosch covers the fundamentally different strategy and process that is required to achieve short feedback cycles using technologies such as continuous deployment, experimentation-based development and multidisciplinary teams. A focus on speed also requires companies to analyse what they are uniquely good at, where they add value and what they should outsource.

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