As a natural extension to the Unified Modeling Language (UML) for software modelling and specification, the Object Management Group (OMG), together with its industrial partners, has set a standard for the system modelling language SysML. This language supports the integral modelling and specification of software intensive systems and helps to improve system-architecting practices by enabling systematic model-based systems engineering (MBSE).

Our course System Modelling with SysML aims to provide a basic working knowledge of the various modeling techniques offered in the SysML.

Detailed explanation & relevance

This training is available for open enrollment as well as for in-company sessions. For in-company sessions, the System modelling with SysML training can be adapted to your situation and special needs.


Participants will learn:

  • A general approach to model based system engineering;
  • Allocate functionality in use cases over the system parts;
  • The various modeling techniques in the SysML;
  • To describe behavior using state machine diagrams;
  • To capture functional requirements using use cases;
  • To describe behavior using activity diagrams;
  • To model dependencies between functional and non-functional requirements;
  • To address allocation of behavior, e.g. to software or hardware parts;
  • To model system structure using block diagrams with parts and ports;
  • To model physical and logical constraints, and studying trade-offs;
  • Some heuristics and evaluation techniques to obtain high quality models.

Intended for

This course is intended for:

  • System analysts;
  • Systems engineers;
  • System architects;
  • Managers who are responsible for the delivery of software intensive systems;
  • Professionals moving into system-level engineering

The participants will need to have working knowledge of UML and an initial understanding of generic system engineering processes.

Start date Expected Q4 2024
Duration 4 consecutive days
Frequency Once per year
Price per participant € 2,410 excl. VAT *
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Day 1

  • SysML approach and overview;
  • Capturing functional requirements using use cases;
  • Requirements modeling in SysML;
  • System hierarchy and interconnection: Block diagrams.

Day 2

  • System hierarchy and interconnection: Internal Block diagrams;
  • Structuring a SysML model (packaging);
  • System behaviour analysis: Use Case analysis and Sequence diagrams.

Day 3

  • System functional behaviour: Activity diagrams;
  • System state-based behaviour: State Machine diagrams.

Day 4

  • System design constraints: Parametric diagrams;
  • Trade studies on non-functional constraints (performance, reliability etc.);
  • Integrating SysML into a development environment.


Lectures, small exercises and workshop. Training will be held in English or Dutch, depending on the participants.

The training is tool-independent. 


Participants will receive a High Tech Institute certificate for attending this course.


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Remarks from participants

"Useful, gives insight into the system to be realised."

Peter Munter