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Course overview

This is a comprehensive training for those who work in multi-disciplinary product design teams, that aim to timely launch winning products to the market and/or improve profitability of existing products.
In the training the value engineering way-of-working and methods are presented as means to translate customer requirements to solutions that have an optimal Value to Cost ratio for both customer and manufacturer. The method is in this respect a valuable add-on to system architecting and systems engineering. Read the interview with lecturer Goof Pruijsen (in Dutch).


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2 consecutive days


Goof Pruijsen

Course Leader

Goof Pruijsen


15-11-2018 | 09:00 - 17:00
16-11-2018 | 09:00 - 17:00




Tel. 085 401 3600


The training aims to:

  • Understand the customers’ key requirements that improve value and buying behaviour;
  • Use a step wise approach how to improve on profitability of existing and future products;
  • An overview of the different value engineering tools and when to apply in the design process;
  • Understand value and cost drivers and their relation to your product requirements;
  • Understand where cost originate in the manufacturing & supply process and find strategies to reduce;

Effectively involve suppliers early in the design process and how to utilize their engineering and/or manufacturing skills

vIntended for

System architects, lead engineers, marketing professionals, project managers, purchasing people, c.q. multi-disciplinar design teams. Pre-requisite: an open mind for innovative but structured methods to manage requirements towards value and cost improvements.


The training focuses on:

  • The Customer: Understanding the target customer and capturing the correct performance level for successful products, for which then the requirements are derived.
  • Development process: A thorough analysis of the required functions and specifications. Using creativity to devise a range of solutions to the complete set of functions and find the most profitable scenario using the right trade-offs and how to optimize new and/or existing designs for manufacturability and supply chain.
  • Early supplier involvement and optimization of the supply chain for cost and time-to-market.

The examples and workshop parts will be tailored to fit the needs of the participants.


Presentations, lecture-type parts, workshop-parts and exercises (2 days).
On request available as in-company kick-off for product design teams (duration t.b.d. and includes preparation).


Participants receive a HTI certificate.

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Training Value engineering

This course you learn to translate customer requirements to solutions with optimal Value to Cost ratio.

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