Holland Expat Center South organises an Expat Workshop Evening on the 20st of September 2018 in Eindhoven.

In order to assist expats upon arrival and during their first months in the Netherlands, a distinctive collaboration has been set up between Holland Expat Center South and private service providers. High Tech Institute is their service provider when it comes to education.

If you’re new to Holland, a lot of things may be different from what you’re used to in the workplace. For example, Dutch colleagues expect you to always say what you think – even if it means contradicting your boss. And you can expect them to comment on your work, too. Dutch jobs come with a lot of freedom – and a lot of responsibility, right from the start. What’s the best way to handle that? And all those seemingly endless meetings – how do you ever get things done? How do you move decisions in the right direction, when it’s unclear who’s in charge of making them?

At the evening event, you will get to participate in a mini version of the workshop How to successfully perform in the Dutch high tech work culture. This workshop will be presented by ir. Jaco Friedrich.

When: Thursday 20 September, starting at 6 PM

Where: The Student Hotel Eindhoven (Stationsweg 1)

This hotel is located next to the Eindhoven Train Station. 

There is no charge to attend, but registration is required.