‘Applied optics’ stays popular


Applied opticsFor years this is thé optics training, first organised by Philips CTT and now by The High Tech Institute. This training connects theory with its practice, both during the lessons and during the excursion and practical course, and is supported by experienced specialists from ASML, Philips and TU Delft.

The 'Applied optics' training is meant for people without an optical background, but with an education in electronics, mechanics or chemistry. Contrary to optical designers, they do not need to design an optical system, but during a project they need to be able to cooperate with optical designers and therefore they need to be aware of optical principles. This last point also applies for people that deal with optical instruments.

During this training both the geometrical optics and the physical optics will be considered. The geometrical optics are based on the concept ‘ray of light’, which is only meaningful if the wavelength of the light is very small towards the space and the obstacles in which and by which the ray travels. The physical optics is part of the optics which describes light as a wave phenomenon.

At the moment an 'Applied optics' training is taken place with a group of seventeen participants. Because of its big popularity, an extra edition is planned to start in Eindhoven at the 26th of February 2014. For more information, see: https://www.hightechinstitute.nl/en/training/optics/applied_optics/

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