Our philosophy

High Tech Institute helps you to grow the skills needed in the highly demanding environment of complex product development.

We help you to perform in a winning team

In the high tech industry, devices and machines are developed by large teams. These require you to combine your professional expertise with the knowledge of tens, and sometimes hundreds, of engineers and researchers from other disciplines.

While your in-depth knowledge is essential, the successful product development for a company is dependent on how effectively all disciplines can work together. This requires more than motivation and team spirit alone. Team members have to understand the impact of adjacent disciplines and have to be able to maintain a system level view. In complex systems development, technical professionals have to be genuine team players.

That is why High Tech Institute offers courses to gain more in-depth knowledge and to acquire a basic understanding of adjacent disciplines, as well as trainings in system level thinking and courses on leadership and communication.

Hands-on, lessons learned

In our courses you will learn the substance by performing hands-on exercises with trainers who are ready to give you immediate feedback. We draw on the knowledge of universities, research institutes and companies in order to provide lessons learned from practical experience to the entire industry.

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In-Depth Expertise
Your expert skills in one or more of the relevant disciplines is the foundation of your professional life in high tech.

Cross Discipline Base
To reach optimal technical choices on a higher level, you should have a basic understanding of adjacent disciplines.

Systems thinking
To help your company reach business success you have to be able to make choices on a systems level, taking into account the wishes of the stakeholders, from developers to the financial department and customers.

Successful team output is very much determined by the efficacy of leadership & communication skills, which should be aimed at both leading and working in development teams.