Bob Puers, lecturer of the microelectromechanical systems training became Teacher of the year during High Tech Institute’s annual get together in Eindhoven.  His training scored a 9.8 with praising comments and even a 10 for him as a lecturer.

In October 2018 Prof. Bob Puers was asked to come to Beijing to lecture an incompany edition of his MEMS training to a group of 14 participants. Puers got the highest overall score of 9.8 out of 10 points and a score of 10 for him as a lecturer. Participants gave several praising comments. ‘It was an excellent training both in terms of contents and presentation. The trainer was exceptional in answering the questions raised’, one of the trainees commented. Another participant pointed out that the lecturer had shown authority on his subject. Other positive comments: ‘Professor’s way of teaching is extraordinarily good’, and ‘The professor was very friendly and has very good communication and comprehensive and easy to understand.’

Bob Puers is working at the Catholic University of Leuven. He is lectures our electronics training ‘Microelectromechanical systems’ once or twice a year. The 3-day course introduces designers to the basic theory of MEMS, shows how these devices are processed and addresses various applications of MEMS in sensors and actuators. Usage issues, assembly and housing, testing and interconnection are other subjects.

This year’s get together, on 4 February 2019, was held at BCN in Eindhoven. Besides some important clients, all of our lecturers were invited to come. It is a High Tech Institute tradition to elect the Teacher of the year, based on all training evaluation forms.