Work experience:
Electronic designer 30+ years. For more than 15 years one product to market a year on average. Also for customers outside Philips. Yield and quality improvement of electronic designs.

Electronic designer. Philips Research, Philips CFT, Philips PDSL, Philips AppTech, Philips PINs. System Integrity (ESD and EMC control, Signal Integrity, Power integrity). High signal to noise ratio designs. Electromagnetic designs for MRI, PET, CT, high voltage. Medical equipment. Medical implantables. RF electronics. High volume and cost price optimized designs.

Motivation to lecture:
Signal integrity and EMC awareness. Have a great impact for designers of electronic products close to the real market. Let people earn the investment in time and money back soon after this course. Have contact with “real” designers of products.

Specific way of teaching:
Uses experienced problems as examples. Handles almost all the issues to put an electronic product into the market. Inclusive pre-compliance testing of the product to speed-up the compliance testing. Tricks for product improvement and cost-down.


20+ patent applications. Two times nominated for the Philips AppTech technology award.