Stephen Sunter has been an Engineering Director for Mixed-Signal DFT for the last 25 years, at LogicVision, then
Mentor, and now Siemens EDA. Prior to that, he was Manager of Mixed-Signal Test Engineering, Manager of Cell
Library Development, and a Mixed-Signal IC Designer, all at Nortel, starting in 1977. He has been presenting the
longest running tutorial at the International Test Conference (ITC), “Mixed-Signal DfT & BIST: Trends, Principles,
and Solutions” in full-day and then half-day formats since 1999, continually updating the content to track the latest
developments. He has presented/published approximately 70 papers, 7 engineering magazine articles, and 4 book
chapters on the topic. Four of his papers received awards at ITC, the most for any primary author. He has been a
member of every IEEE Standard Working Group that addresses mixed-signal DFT (1149.4, .6, .8, .10), and presently
chairs the P2427 and P1687.2 Working Groups. He is, or has been, a long-serving member of most IEEE test-related
conference Program Committees, including ITC, VTS, ETS, IMSTW, DATE, and TVHSAC, and is a Life Senior Member
of IEEE.