Jan van Eijk (1951) is a world leading authority in the field of high precision mechatronics. Today, he provides consultancy expertise to world-renowned precision equipment manufacturers through his own company MICE. He gives advice not only on technical concepts and designs for systems but also on how to develop key components necessary for the successful growth of advanced technology organisations.

His unique skills and expertise have arisen from the knowledge and experience gained from working at Philips, Eindhoven where he became Chief Technical Officer of Mechatronics. His expertise was further heightened by working for twelve years as a part-time professor at the Delft University of Technology. Jan also contributed largely to the architecture of mechatronic elements of ASML’s highly successful lithography tools and served on the council of euspen and the board of ASPE for several years. In 2012 he was awarded the euspen 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jan teaches ‘Dynamics and modelling’ and coordinates the courses ‘Mechatronic system design’ and ‘Advanced mechatronic design’, now at HTI via partner Mechatronics Academy and before at Philips. ‘Participants learn about the various aspects of machine dynamics that influence the performance of mechatronic precision systems’, he explains. ‘These courses are hands on oriented and based on realistic situations, for people working in an industrial environment. So they also learn a lot from each other. However, participants must also have enough mathematical knowledge.’ Jan is a fervent advocate for technical specialisation, accompanied by the ability to communicate with other technicians in related disciplines. ‘The integration of thorough knowledge is essential to the development of engineering solutions. Which is precisely why there are so many specialised trainers involved in our courses. In this way participants can expand their professional network.’

'Wise lessons and advice from Jan van Eijk'
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