Jaco Friedrich and his team have developed an online version of the “Effective communication for engineers” training, as an alternative for their classroom course. The e-learning program is full of interactive assignments and several virtual classroom sessions. The first edition is scheduled for this June.

To learn about communication via an online course calls for more than just a webinar or video conference. Such a course needs to provide lots of interaction like break-out rooms, individual and group exercises, role plays, feedback rounds (both giving and receiving), all under the constant guidance of the trainer. As a result, the first online course for ”Effective communication for engineers” will be offered in our completely new online-learning platform together with six live virtual classroom sessions.

The focus of this online course will be on the three most important topics in corporations:

  • Create clear communication and mutual understanding.
  • Convince (mixed) groups of stakeholders and transform resistance into buy-inn.
  • Learn the psychology behind your own behavior and that of others.

For those who prefer the classroom training, a new session is available in October.

High Tech Institute organizes the "Effective communication for engineers" training with virtual classroom once or twice a year.