We are really proud of our trainers Wendy Luiten and Clemens Lasance, who managed to develop an online version of their workshop “Thermal design & cooling of electronics” as an alternative for their classroom course. The training, which traditionally attracts many trainees from abroad, will now offer easier access via the online course modules.  The first edition is scheduled for this May.

The COVID-19 pandemic calls for a different approach in exchanging knowledge. Since video conferencing is indispensable these days, people are getting more comfortable utilizing this type of communication. As a result, the first online course for ”Thermal design and cooling of electronics” will be offered through Microsoft Teams.

The online version has been split up into two segments: the thermal design-oriented part, followed by the advanced topics portion. The thermal design section is being extended by two half days, allowing for more opportunities to practice and achieve an active skill level for designing new thermal applications, evaluating existing thermal applications, and assessing computational simulation models. The advanced section builds on this foundation and is scheduled several weeks later. This provides participants with more time to get familiar with the material and facilitates the uptake of the advanced material.

For those who prefer the classroom workshop, a new session is available in November.