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Great start of first course on performing in Dutch high tech work culture

19-04-2019 High Tech Institute rolled out a very successful first edition of the one day boot camp course ‘How to successfully perform in the Dutch high tech work culture’. The April edition by Claus Neeleman MSc. got an overall score of 9.1 out of 10.

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Join us and our hammer time contest at High-Tech Systems in Eindhoven on 11 April 2019

20-03-2019 Besides the interesting conference programme with the focus on high-end system development for smart engineering and technology you will be challenged to attend our hammer time contest.

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Klaas van Gend has taken the multicore training out of the mothballs

27-02-2019 Klaas van Gend expanded High Tech Institutes’ portfolio with the training ‘Multicore programming in C++’ since you do not learn these skills from Dijkstra. The first edition, which is now open for everyone to attend, will take place in Eindhoven on 26 – 28 March 2019.

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Prof. Bob Puers elected as High Tech Institute’s ‘Teacher of the year’

08-02-2019 Bob Puers, lecturer of the microelectromechanical systems training became Teacher of the year during High Tech Institute’s annual get together in Eindhoven. His training scored a 9.8 with praising comments and even a 10 for him as a lecturer.

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