- For system engineers who want to enhance their leadership skills and push their projects a big step forward-

Being a sound technical leader is a wonderful role to play and a key in the success of any project. But it is a role full of challenges. What are the best steps to take dealing with risks? How to balance conflicting requirements? How do you keep all stakeholders on board? How does one grow personally as a tech leader and be visible?


The SYSAM will bring you confidence as a technical leader because you will learn what to do, what not to do and why. You will be able to lead the systems engineering processes with a structured approach, using the NASA Systems Engineering Handbook as a reference. Bring people together, challenge them, convince them, inspire them and create an optimal vibe to lead your team to the best results for all your stakeholders. You will experience how the CAFCR framework supports you in applying sound systems engineering in a practical manner. This framework serves as a mindset that will get the most out of your leadership role and systems engineering processes. It will make it possible to drive for the best result for both the customer and your company.

Use a structured approach
You will learn how to apply a structured, step-by-step approach to scope your project and to enable short feedback loops to be both as efficient and effective in managing your risks. Being able to apply the knowledge from the NASA Systems Engineering Handbook on your own project, you will know what to do, when to do it and be able to explain why.

Continuously optimizing
Changing project conditions, customer requests and (intermediate) project results force you to continuously adapt. Using the CAFCR framework you will have the tool to balance between customer value, business value and your system design.

Influence stakeholders
A big part of your job as a systems engineer is to engage and convince all necessary stakeholders. Not all stakeholders immediately like your ideas. In this training, you will learn how to transfer resistance into buy-in and drive for decisions that are supported by all.  

Lead your team
Delegation only helps if it leads to good results and growth in your team. You will learn the step-by-step approach to delegate successfully and use your team to its best extent. You also get the coaching skills you need to facilitate growth in your team.

Personal Leadership
By recognizing your ‘early warning’ signals and adopting stress coping techniques, you will learn to stay relaxed and focused and able to deal with the high pressure around you. You will also get the tools to handle your personal character. To ensure you are able to stay effective whatever happens.

Intended for

For technical leaders willing to take the next step and directly apply this in their project. The SYSAM is designed for professionals in a technical development and engineering environment who want to grow from senior engineers to excellent technical leaders.

You have:

  • at least five years of experience;
  • at least half a year experience in a system architecting or system engineering role or a leading technical position that requires communication with your team, your customers and your management;
  • an ambition to bring your leadership skills to a higher level and to improve your overall effectivity.
Start date On request
Duration 3 blocks of 4 days each + intervision & coaching
Price per participant € 14,950 excl. VAT *
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With the following items we characterize the way of working during the SYSAM. If you have any further questions, please attend one of our regular webinars, or contact us for more details.

  1. Super practical and evidence-based: The System Architecting Masters program focuses on practical, no nonsense, system architecting and the essential leadership skills that are vital to execute this role in technical development environments. All concepts are proven in the real world. SYSAM offers a deeply immersive, rigorous experience in which you will be supported and challenged to apply all insights and tools directly in your own project. Making it super practical and creating immediate value.
  2. Your project is the practical carrier: As a participant, you bring your own current, strategic and relevant project. Understand the business case and receive coaching and feedback from seasoned system architects and peers. As a result, the training is effective from the start, which means that your investment will be repaid in the first year and in the years following, you’ll be earning a return on your investment.
  3. Selected group of participants: Take part in a group of 12 hand-selected tech professionals that value collaboration, diverse perspectives, and the exchange of knowledge to craft effective solutions and approaches.
  4. Personal intake: It starts with a personal intake with one of the trainers and your manager. Together we look into your personal learning goals and check if SYSAM will fit your needs and those of your organization.
  5. 3 modules of 4 days: Experience an immersive classroom program of 3 modules of 4 days each (including evening sessions and overnight stay). Each day you will learn new insights and skills. The total number of study hours is 185 hrs. But don’t forget: it is part of your daily work.
  6. Intervisions: After each module you will join with 2 other participants. Together you visit each other’s business, support each other in applying the teachings and challenge one another to get the most out of the program.
  7. Your trainers as coach: Between two modules there will be a personal coaching session supporting you to apply what you’ve learned in your project and in your organization.
  8. Personal learning environment: In your learning journey, you will be guided by a Learning Management System that will provide you with all the necessary material at the right moment, all in one place.
  9. End presentation: The final presentation will prove the value you added to your project and will give an overview of your learning results.


  • 12 intensive and high-quality training days with a group of a maximum of 12 likeminded participants and 2 trainers at all times;
  • personal coaching on your work, assignments and questions by one of your trainers;
  • A copy of the NASA Systems Engineering Handbook, and the Architectural Reasoning book explaining CAFCR, and a copy of the book ‘Leadership skills for engineers’;
  • A bundle of checklists that provide guidance in applying all systems engineering skills;
  • 12 days accommodation in the training venue including overnight stay.

Practical information
A training day starts at 9:00 hr. and finishes at about 21:00 hr. The last day of each module finishes about 17:00 hr.


Did you meet your learning goals, were you able to apply the right steps in your running project? Then you will get a recognized certificate of the High Tech Institute.

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