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In November 2002, the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) was founded with the objective to establish the further internationalization and harmonization of the test certification program. Meanwhile, there is a fully recognized and globally harmonized ISTQB certification scheme. The ISTQB testing certification program is divided into three levels:

  • Foundation Certificate
  • Advanced Certificate
  • Expert Certificate

This five-day accredited course prepares you for the exam "ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst Certificate" and meets the requirements as set by ISTQB. You will learn all about test analysis, test techniques, usability testing and reviews.

The course price is € 1.995 + € 195 exam costs excl. VAT.


After this training:

  • You can perform test activities appropriate to the software development lifecycle;
  • You can prioritize the testing activities on the basis of the results of a risk analysis;
  • You can select and apply the appropriate test techniques and apply tests that provide the necessary confidence, based on the agreed coverage criteria;
  • You can support the testing activities with appropriate documentation;
  • You can determine the appropriate form of functional tests to be applied;
  • You can bear the responsibility for usability testing within project;
  • You can effectively take part in formal and informal reviews with stakeholders;
  • You can define and apply error classifications and apply;
  • You can use tools to support an efficient test process.

Intended for

The training is suitable for you if you are involved in software testing for some time and want to delve further into test analysis.

It is meant for:

  • Test Analysts
  • Developers
  • Integrators
  • Test coordinators
  • Test Managers
  • Test Consultants

Prior knowledge or training required: You possess the ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing and a minimum of 18 months testing experience.

Course schedule
09:15 - 17:00
09:15 - 17:00
09:15 - 17:00
Location Online (GMT +1)
Duration 5 days (incl. exam & exam training)
Price € 2,190 excl. VAT *
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The training lasts five days, spread over a number of weeks in which you will learn all about test analysis, test techniques, usability testing and review. Emphasis lies on deepening your knowledge of structured testing and the application in practice.

During day five of the training a specific exam training will take place in the morning. In the afternoon the exam will take place

The exam consists of multiple-choice scenario-based questions will take place on day five of the course. With a score of 65% or higher you get the ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst Certificate.

We offer optional exam training for € 295,-


Test management

  • Test phases (planning, specification, execution and closure)
  • Exit, entry and acceptance criteria
  • Test documentation (IEEE 829)
  • Test reporting
  • Risk management and translating this into a test approach and test techniques

Reviews and inspections

  • Review principles, informal reviews, walk through, technical review and inspections (IEEE 1028)
  • The use of checklists and rules
  • Testability reviews of requirements

People skills:

Incident management

  • Report incidents
  • Root cause analysis

Overview test tools:

Test techniques

  • Equivalence Partitioning
  • Boundary Value Analysis
  • Decision Table Testing
  • Pairwise Testing
  • Classification Tree Method
  • Use Cases
  • State Transition Testing
  • Exploratory Testing, Error Guessing
  • Defect based test techniques

Nonfunctional testing

  • Overview ISO 9126 quality attributes
  • Techniques for usability testing
  • Questionnaires (SUMI)
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Usability Laboratories

Exercises, discussions, e-coaching. All course material will be in English. You will also receive the book ‘The Testing Practitioner’.


With a score of 65% or higher you get the ISTQB Advanced  Test Analyst Certificate.

* Prices are subject to change. Price correction will be applied at the end of the year.