Ir. Wendy Luiten


Wendy Luiten


Mrs. Ir. Wendy Luiten graduated in 1984 as a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Twente Technical University, the Netherlands.



She joined the Philips staff in 1985 as a mechanical and thermal specialist, focusing on mechanics and heat and mass transfer in ICs, electronic products and production processes. In 1995 she transferred to Philips Consumer electronics and has been busy in electronics cooling ever since. She is now an Electronics Cooling Specialist at Philips Research Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


She has published several papers in the field of cooling of consumer electronics products. She is also a long term member of the Semi-Therm program committee. In 2000 she started lecturing on thermal management of consumer products to various development labs of Philips Consumer Lifestyle in Europe, the Far East and the US. She teamed up with ir. Clemens Lasance for the workshop Thermal design and cooling of electronics in 2006.

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Mrs. Ir. Luiten has received the 2002 Semi-Therm ‘Best Paper Award’. In March 2014 she received the Harvey Rosten award for her paper “Solder joint Lifetime of Rapid Cycled LED Components”, which was presented at THERMINIC in Berlin in September 2013.

Ir. Wendy Luiten gives the following training:

Electronics → Thermal design and cooling of electronics workshop