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Soft skills - Time management course

Course overview

Working can be a lot of fun. But are you always in a hurry? Do you feel your work is never finished? If so, this has a negative influence on your productivity, your peace of mind and your health.

Do you recognise one or more of the following issues:

It is possible to change bad habits and do things differently. Those who know what they want and plans, have time to relax. This training will show you how.


€ 495,00 excl. VAT


1,5 day


Ing. Frank Rood

Course Leader

Ir. Jaco Friedrich


12-06-2018 | 09:00 - 17:00
03-07-2018 | 13:00 - 17:00


Eindhoven or Nijmegen


Tel. +31 85 401 3600


In this course you learn an efficient and focused way of dealing with a large work load. We will provide you with the latest insights on time management, use of your calendar, e-mail management etc.

vIntended for

Intended for technicians, engineers, architects, project leaders or team leaders and other technology professionals who seek to improve their time management skills in the complex context of innovation and technology. 


The following skills are part of the program:

  • Priority setting in a structured way;
  • Making a realistic plan without getting rigid;
  • Managing your e-mail in an efficient manner;
  • Delegating work in such a way that people will appreciate working for you;
  • Negociating about your planning to keep a balanced workload.

Designed for technology professionals
The training is designed for technology professionals working in the world of High Tech and Technology. It is highly practical and theoretically sound. Moreover, we will integrate your personal cases in our program, so you can apply what you have learned the next day. 

Personal action plan
Part of this training is a personal implementation plan that helps you to apply your new knowledge and integrate all newly learned skills in your work.

Day 1:  9:00 - 17:00, including lunch
Day 2:  13:00 - 17:00


Action Learning, lectures, exercises, discussions, role-plays. 


A HTI/SS&F certificate.

Time management in innovation

Manage your time and learn how to deal with times of too high work pressure for you and your team.

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