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Basic course into the various aspects of machine dynamics that influence the performance of mechatronic precision systems. After the course, the participant will be aware of the risks and impact of machine dynamics on the overall system performance and will be able to judge and optimize concepts for products or equipment using a modelling approach focused on risk reduction and design decisions.

Intended for

Designers, design engineers, dynamics specialists, control specialists, project leaders and groupleaders who are involved in the multi-disciplinary development of mechatronic precision systems.


Prerequisites: Technical education (BSc or higher), with at least two years experience and preferably completion of the course "Mechatronics system design" (Metron1/2) or the former Philips-CTT course Metron.



Basics of dynamic behaviour & signal analysis

          - Simple mass spring system, eigenfrequency

          - Time and frequency response, Bode & Nyquist diagram

          - Power (density) spectrum, cumulative power spectrum

Modelling as part of the product creation cycle

The ART of modeling to support design decisions

Stepwise modeling approach as a way of risk reduction

Main dynamic aspects & implications

          - Main dynamic effects, modeshapes and modal superposition

          - Impact of dynamics on achievable bandwidth & setpont response

Design for dynamics & control

Conceptual guidelines

Structural modifications


          - Impact on overall performance, requirements & evaluation

          - Vibration isolation concepts & systems

Hands-on modelling exercises

Multiple cases


This course is certified by the European society for precision engineering & nanotechnology (euspen) and the Dutch Society for Precision Engineering (DSPE) and leads to the ECP2-certificate.


‘‘A good combination of theory and exercises.” – Patrick Houben (NXP)

‘‘Very useful high-level training with a good balance between theory and exercises.” – Andrei Toacsen (TMC)



€ 2.245,00 excl. VAT


3 consecutive days


27-11-2017 | 09:00 - 16:30
28-11-2017 | 09:00 - 16:30
29-11-2017 | 09:00 - 16:30




Tel. +31 85 401 3600
E-mail: training@hightechinstitute.nl


Mechatronics Academy B.V.
Mechatronics Academy B.V.

Certified by Euspen


Dynamics and modelling

Basic course into the various aspects of machine dynamics that influence the performance of mechatronic precision systems.

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