Mechatronics system design - part 1


Price:€ 2.995,00 excl. VAT
Duration:5 consecutive days, +31 85 401 3600


Part 1 of the course 'Mechatronics system design' focusses on the essential basics in any multi-disciplinary development of mechatronic (motion) system. Participants will acquire broad technical knowledge beyond the limits of their own discipline. 

What makes this training unique:

  • The leading training with over 2000 enthusiastic participants.
  • Mix of well-known university professors and industry experts.
  • Variety of practical experiences and lessons learned from multiple application areas.
  • Recommended by euspen & DSPE (European/Dutch Society for precision engineering).


After completion of the full course 'Mechatronics system design', the participant will be able to make a more effective contribution to the realization of mechatronic constructions because he has a better understanding of adjacent disciplines (terminology, basics, solution space, challenges, ...) and the interdependencies between disciplines.

Intended for

Architects, designers, engineers and project leaders with various technical background who are involved in the multi-disciplinary development of products/devices or equipment.


Prerequisites: Technical education (BSc or higher).


- General introduction & introduction course project

- Basic modeling of motion systems

- Basic control

- Design principles (degrees of freedom, kinematic constraints, flexures)

- Electromechanics/ motor selection

- Humanware (LSD, Feedback)

- Sensors & metrology

- 4.order system

- Fundamentals of (digital) motion control

- Course project


The book 'The Design of High Performance Mechatronics' (ISBN 978-1-61499-367-4) from authors Rob Munnig Schmidt, Georg Schitter, Adrian Rankers and Jan van Eijk is included in the course price.


Mechatronics Academy B.V.


This course is certified by the European society for precision engineering & nanotechnology (euspen) and the Dutch Society for Precision Engineering (DSPE) and leads to the ECP2-certificate.


‘‘Best course I've ever attended. Wide range of topics, lots of control issues, and all together still a practical course” – Danny Baks (Besi)
‘‘Excellent 'red wire', all falls into place” – Clemens Wichers (Besi)

‘‘Most important items I have learned: Basic mechatronics & the interaction between disciplines.” – Ruud Vrenken (ASML)

‘‘Most important items I have learned: General overview of the mechatronic design and basic control, and a link  of all aspects.” – Tiannan Guan (ASML)


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