Dr. Adrian Rankers

Lecturer, course leader & partner

Adrian Rankers

Adrian Rankers (1960, Bad Gandersheim, Germany) grew up in a technically oriented family. As a born lecturer, he has always been fascinated by the transfer of knowledge. Adrian believes it’s important that students learn their lessons thoroughly and can apply their knowledge afterwards. Therefore he dispenses his subjects carefully and reserves ample time for exercises during his workshops.

After graduating as a mechanical engineer at the Technical University Delft in 1985 Adrian started at the Center For manufacturing Technology (CFT) of Philips in Eindhoven. As an employee and later as group leader he dealt with the dynamics and control techniques of cd players and wafersteppers, among others. This work also formed the basis for his PhD thesis (University of Twente, 1997).

Adrian then moved to Philips Assembleon (SMD placement machines), where he first took post as chairman of the architecture team, later as manager sustaining and finally as product team manager for one of the machine lines. In 2003 he returned to the Mechatronics Department of Philips-CFT as manager of Mechatronics Research and later on Equipment & Motion Control.

In 2010 he left Philips and became active as entrepreneur in mechatronics competence transfer and consultant. In addition, he is member of the Board of the Dutch Society of Precision Engineering since 2008.

From the beginning, Adrian Rankers has been involved in the setting up training and teaching of mechatronics within Philips and also in related tutorials at the ASPE and EUSPEN conferences. Together with Prof.dr.ir. Jan van Eijk and Prof.dr.ir. Maarten Steinbuch he founded Mechatronics Academy B.V. which is the exclusive content partner for HTI for all mechatronics trainings. Adrian coordinates all trainings in this domain, both contentwise and organisational. Some training modules he gives himself.

Adrian likes to challenge his students and involves them by using their own experiences as a starting point. He also liberally takes time to let trainees wrestle with the substance, either individually or in teams. In that way students with technically different backgrounds “digest” the subject better and also learn to work together, a skill they absolutely need in multidisciplinary development teams.

Dr. Adrian Rankers gives the following training:

Mechatronics → Training Mechatronics system design - part 1
Mechatronics → Training Mechatronics system design - part 2
Mechatronics → Training Metrology and calibration of mechatronic systems
Mechatronics → Training Dynamics and modelling
Mechatronics → Training Motion control tuning
Mechatronics → Training Experimental techniques in mechatronics
Mechatronics → Training Advanced mechatronic system design