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Mechatronics - Advanced system design

Course overview

Participants will gather physical insights, way of working, design concepts and lessons learned (in terms of approach and in application specific technical problems and solutions), which play a role in the development of precision systems. 

The participant will be confronted with aspects on different levels, e.g. the global product creation process including interaction with the customer (and the fact that the customer is in fact multiple persons with sometimes different views), technical trade-offs on system level and recent insights/developments on module/function level. 

The training is set-up in a masterclass manner with a mix of presentations and exercises in combination with a conceptual design case study of a precision system, typically for lithography or inspection purpose, which will be worked on in teams throughout the course including a customer presentation at the end of the course. 


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6 days in a period of 2 weeks




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After the course, the participant will be able to apply an agile systems engineering approach in the conceptual phase of an innovative project, make conceptual trade-offs and estimate the implications on system level and perform a risk assessment incl. mitigation. Furthermore, the participant will be aware of the roles that the various stakeholders in the customer organization play during the process and how to set-up a convincing customer presentation despite all uncertainties that are inherent to the conceptual phase. 

vIntended for

Mechatronic system designers, architects and project leaders with typically 5-10 years experience in the multi-disciplinary development of mechatronic precision systems.

Prerequisites: Technical education (BSc or higher), with at least five years experience and completion of the course 'Mechatronics system design' (Metron1/2) or equivalent followed by at least two in-depth trainings in the fields of motion control,dynamics, thermal effects, optics, actuation and power electronics.


Day 1

  • Introduction training & design case
  • System architecture & systems engineering
  • Optical systems for imaging
  • System Decomposition Overview (SDO) approach + weekend assignment 

Day 2

  • Team exercise based on assignment
  • Customer meeting + feedback per team
  • Agile Systems Engineering + Exercise 

Day 3

  • System layout & motion concepts 
  • Decision tables
  • Key steps to an effective customer presentation
  • Dinner

Day 4

  • Cost effective design & manufacturing
  • Risk assessment & mitigation

Day 5

  • Advanced topics (duration/depth according to relevance for the design case): Handling vibrations, dynamic error budgetting, thermal effects on accuracy, advanced motion control, actuation principles, power electronics, EMC.

Day 6

  • Preparation customer presentation
  • Customer meeting incl. mistery guest


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Training Advanced mechatronic system design

Participants will gather physical insights, way of working, design concepts and lessons learned, relevant for the development of precision systems.

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