High Tech Institute organized a webinar in which the new System Architect Development Program, called ‘System Architecting Masters’ was introduced.
The essentials for leadership in highly demanding development environments

The nine months long System Architecting Masters (Sysam) program focuses on practical no nonsense system architecting, as well as the essential leadership skills that are vital to exercise this role in technical development environments.

Sysam offers a deeply immersive, rigorous experience for professionals in research, development and engineering organizations who are committed to driving meaningful change within themselves, their teams, and their organizations. Check out the entire description here.

For whom?

Professionals in a technical development and engineering environment with:

  • at least five years of experience
  • at least half a year experience in a system architecting or system engineering role or a leading position that requires you to communicate with a team, customers and management
  • an ambition to bring your leadership skills to a higher level and improving your overall effectivity

Sysam helps you to avoid common pitfalls in system development and engineering. You might recognize some them the mentioned below.

  • timing is a problem. Projects run late and over budget;
  • products do not meet the requirements the client needs;
  • technical decisions are done too much separately from other important aspects of the business;
  • technical leaders are not visible enough in the organisation;
  • it is not clear where the responsibilities of the system engineer or system architect starts and ends;
  • systems do not meet the stakeholders expectations, not only from a functional, but especially from a quality point of view.
Webinar outline
Thinking about attending the SYSAM program?