Ir. Clemens Lasance received his physics degree at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in 1969.


After graduating, Clemens Lasance has been on the Philips staff. From 1984 onwards, his main focus has been thermal management of electronic systems. In 1996, he moved to Research, engaged with a long-term research program in this field.


Ir. Clemens Lasance published over 80 conference and journal papers. He is an editor of Electronics Cooling magazine since its launch in 1995 and of Microelectronics Reliability. He was the General Chairman of Semi-Therm International Congress in 2003 and acted as the co-program chairman of THERMINIC for nine years. Clemens Lasance was a Principal Scientist at Philips Research in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and retired in September 2009. Clemens is still very active in electronics cooling, among others as a reviewer of many journals and conferences, as the author of a book on Compact Thermal Modeling, and as an editor of ElectronicsCooling and a new book on LED thermal management.


  • Recipient of the SEMITHERM Significant Contributor Award in 2001.
  • Recipient of the Harvey Rosten Award for recognition of his pioneering contributions to thermal management issues over the past two decades in 2006
  • Best Paper Award as the leading author at Semitherm in both 1995 and 2009
  • Leading author of book on Compact Thermal Models for Electronic Components, part of Volume 3 of Encyclopedia of Thermal Packaging, 2014
  • Leading editor of a book on Thermal Management for LED Applications for which I also co-author two chapters, 2013.
  • Contributor to the Festschrift of dr. Avram Bar-Cohen celebrating his 60th birthday, 2014.
  • Short courses on compact thermal modeling, short course on dynamic thermal topics with prof. Ortega at Interpack 2003, numerical/experimental short courses with prof. Moffat from Stanford, and many industrial thermal management 3-day courses with Wendy Luiten from Philips.
  • Classes on Microscale Heat Transfer at Technical University Eindhoven, 2005-2009
  • Invited lectures and keynote papers at Semitherm, Therminic, ASME Interpack, ASME IMECE, CoolingZone,Theta (Cairo), Eurosime, APEC/IPC, KIVI

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