Martin Vernhout (1972) studied telecommunication and electronics at HTS Rijswijk. He graduated with honours in 1994 and continued as a teacher in system design, analog simulation and telecommunication for some time at the same educational institute and later on at a company in the steel industry. In 1999 he started as a test & measurement architect and engineer at Philips Research. After nine years Martin promoted to project team leader and business development manager at T&M Solutions. At this company he focused on test & measurement automation, system integration and new business development. Since 2011 Martin works at Dialog Semiconductors, developing, executing and monitoring automated measurement setup(s) for radio System-on-Chips.

As of 2005, Martin teaches the comprehensive course Electronics for non-electronic engineers (formerly a Philips CTT training) at The High Tech Institute. “I have always loved electronics. As a child, I grew up with computers and telecommunication, doing my own programming and being a radio amateur. At Philips Research all those interesting fields of study converged. The same goes for my current job: software and hardware come together here.” Martin jokes: “So I’m a very simple guy, still doing the same thing after all these years.”

Martin also enjoys teaching. “Lecturing gives me an opportunity to talk freely about the subjects I’m interested in. Electronics can be quite daunting for non-electronic engineers, so I’m combining my enthusiasm with lots of practical experience and a humorous approach. I like to guide them in this way during their journey to expand their learning in electrical engineering.”

Improve understanding and share knowledge. This is Martin’s motto. “My goal is to let trainees experience how much fun electronics can be and how even a basic but thorough knowledge of them can contribute to successful results in their work.”