Design of analog electronics, first time right!


Design of analog electronicsAnalog electronics is often regarded as an art rather than a solid discipline. Designers have to deal with many relevant performance aspects that can be achieved in many different ways. In other words: there are many degrees of freedom for obtaining the desired performance of an electronic circuit.

Experienced designers, intuitively use all these degrees of freedom to modify known solutions into new
ones. However, intuition can be regarded as knowledge from which its origin has become unclear. It
cannot easily be shared with novices and therefore, it cannot be the unique basis for design education.

Design education and the design of new products has to be done in a different way. Instead of taking
existing solutions to known problems as a starting point, it is far more effective to start a new design
with theoretical concepts and find ways in which they can be implemented, so that possibilities of the
technologies can be fully exploited. Such an approach not only results in clear and reliable designs with
predictable performance, but it also provides a basis for sharing and developing knowledge.

The High Tech Institute offers five design courses for designers of analog electronics in cooperation
with T2Prof, using PDB technology. The courses, given by experienced lecturer ir. Anton Montagne, stand out from the mainstream by the methodical and design-oriented approach and are targeting an industrial environment.

In 2015 the portfolio will be extended with a 2-day course on design theory analog electronics. This
course will discuss and illustrate the structured design approach as is discussed in detail and applied in
the existing courses.

For more information on the trainings above, go to the HTI website: Interested
in a personal talk about training possibilities in 2015? Contact HTI through:

Design of analog electronics - introduction
To be determined (5 days)
Design of analog electronics - embedded analog 1
Commences 27th January 2015 (9 days)
Design of analog electronics - embedded analog 2
To be determined (5 days)
Design of analog electronics - analog IC design
Expected in Autumn 2015 (11 days)
Design of analog electronics - RF IC design
To be determined (5 days)

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