Grant of 50% to coach your employees


SubsidietrajectThe Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment provides a budget of 20 million euro to invest in sustainable employability of employees. The High Tech Institute is able to create tailor-made programmes for companies in high tech in which we focus on keeping your employees productive, motivated and healthy. This fits perfectly within the parameters of this grant.

The same grant was provided in 2016 and all our programmes have been approved. We had 6 of such programmes. In 2017 we can provide this for your company as well.

The programme includes a tailor-made in-company programme, consisting of:

  • intake of organizational problems

  • individual intake for 8-12 particpants

  • design of the programme

  • enrollment of the programme with 4-6 training days

  • evaluation & report

For the content of this programme you can choose a mix of modules from our curriculum:

  • Effective communication skills I & II

  • Effective stakeholder management

  • Time management in innovation

  • Work pressure management

  • Creating business opportunities for technology professionals.

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