HTI awards first Euspen (ECP2) certificates in the USA


ECP2 CertificateOn the 29th of February our course 'Design principles basics' (DPB) started, given by lecturers Ir. Piet van Rens & Ing. Gerrit van der Straaten. This edition was being held in-company in Wilton, U.S.A., for 20 course participants and was organized by us, The High Tech Institute, together with our partner settels savenije van amelsvoort.

The training focuses on the fundamental principles concerning the behaviour of mechanisms and how this behaviour can be predicted and improved. The learning goal is that after the training the participants are able to recognize, identify and evaluate the fundamental aspects concerning the behaviour of mechanical designs. 

Since 2015 this training is certified by the european society for precision engineering & nanotechnology (Euspen). After completion of this course the participants obtain 5 ECP2 points and are one step closer to their Bronze, Silver or Certified Precision Engineer certificate.

After 5 days of successful DPB training in Wilton, The High Tech Institute is proud to have awarded these prestigious awards for the very first time. They were handed out by Piet & Gerrit.

Mrs. Wendy Zhao was the first of 20 course participants to receive HTI’s first ECP2 certificate. Congratulations to you all

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