Solve thermal problems at an early stage


Thermal design and cooling of electronicsIn 2006, Sony had to delay the introduction of the Playstation 3 by six months due to thermal problems in the design of the Blu-ray platform. Even in the model phase it regularly occurs that a microchip needs a cooler. This requires a re-lay-out of the printed circuit board and therefore an extra, expensive print session. Such interferences and delays caused by thermal complications are mainly caused by decisions made in the design phase. The consequences of these decisions are usually discovered in the model phase, when high temperatures are identified. Instead of repairing afterwards, it is more useful to let developers follow a training in thermal management. Potential thermal problems can then be detected and solved at an early stage.

The High Tech Institute offers a three-day training, ‘Cooling of electronics ‘. This training discusses the thermal design and the cooling of the electronic components, modules and systems from an industrial point of view. Two well-experienced teachers let the participants solve thermal problems that can occur during the different production phases.

Participants have reviewed this training as ‘well organised, with well-chosen subjects’ and have valued the experienced teachers. The balance between theory and practice is also appreciated. ‘A very good training that gave me a broader view on the whole thermal system’, says one of the participants. The training is closed with a certificate.

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