Unique training 'Advanced mechatronic system design'


Advanced Mechatronic System DesignFor the first time, this originally internal Philips training is now open to all mechatronic system designers and architects with typically five to ten years of experience. Says Jan van Eijk, emeritus professor at Delft University and partner of Mechatronics Academy: “This course transfers all the skills and know-how found in the Eindhoven region to future generations of senior system designers.”

Learning from mistakes
‘Advanced mechatronic system design’ launches on February 5, 2014. The training takes place on six days. Participants will gather physical insights, working methods and design concepts for the development of precision systems. Special attention will be given to lessons learned from the past, in terms of approach and in application of specific technical problems and solutions. “Eindhoven nowadays is the smartest region and outstanding in the world because we made the most mistakes in the past and learned from them”, Jan van Eijk says. “With this training we transfer all these skills and know-how to future generations of mechatronic system designers, so they can build on this knowledge. In this way, our advance in technology will continue to increase.”

Case study
Participants will be confronted with aspects on different levels of the global product creation process, including interaction with the customer and the fact that the customer often consists of multiple persons with sometimes different views. Technical trade-offs on system level and recent insights and developments on module and function level are also part of this course. The training is a mix of presentations and exercises in combination with a conceptual design case study of a precision system, typically for lithography or inspection purpose. This case study will be worked on in teams throughout the course. After the course, the participant will be able to make conceptual trade-offs and estimate the implications on system level. Furthermore, the participant will be aware of the roles that various stakeholders in the customer organisation play in the process.

Senior level

The training ‘Advanced mechatronic system design’ is open to designers with typically five to ten years of experience in the multi-disciplinary development of mechatronic precision systems. Participants are expected to have taken introductory courses ‘Mechatronic system design 1 and 2’ at HTI or an equivalent training, followed by at least two in-depth trainings on motion control, dynamics, thermal effects, optics, actuation and power electronics or metrology and calibration. These requirements are due to the high level of this training. Participants can prove their qualifications via their education, working experience or additional trainings.

Putting science into practice
All lecturers have over twenty years of experience with mechatronic system design at leading company’s around Eindhoven. Course leaders are prof. Jan van Eijk and dr. Adrian Rankers and the team of trainers consists of experienced senior system designers. “We put the latest science into practice”, Jan van Eijk says. “Our focus is on the industrial adaptation of scientific insights. That makes this course absolutely unique.”


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